Monday, September 23, 2013

Mad for Plaid Pants, Skirts and A Chair

It's still hot here in Southern California but my Etsy vintage shop Anthropolotique has me in full on Fall mode. I've been busy buying, photographing and selling lots of fall pieces and it's making me so envious for some cooler weather.  I thought I'd do a couple of posts over the next couple of weeks of what I'm loving and can't wait to wear!

If you follow my board on Pinterest you might have noticed that I'm having an obsession with plaid pants.  I've been looking for a pair while out and about vintage shopping, but they have eluded me so far.  I wanted them before they started showing up on Pinterest, but now I want them even more.  I don't just want any plaid, I want a nice classic tartan plaid.

I love this wide leg pair. Love. Love. Love.

I like these skinny ones too and they may be more practical for my mom/vintage hunter lifestyle.

Anthropologie has a great pair from Levi's for $198

OMG. This pair is on Etsy right now. They won't fit me, which is the only reason I'm sharing them with you. Get this they are $28 right now AND there is a shop coupon for 30% off. Killing me. 

I'm also loving plaid skirts. All kinds of plaid skirts. Mini, midi, maxis... velvet, wool.... but especially pleated plaid skirts.  They are cute and versatile. Pair them with a chunky knit sweater, a chambray top, a leather moto jacket... Plaid is the new neutral for me.  Maybe I should find a plaid skinny belt to pair with an LBD.... 

This outfit with boots and a denim jacket or military anorak? Sigh. 

I love the below the knee skirt right now and when it's plaid I have serious envy. I love this outfit.

This plaid skirt on Etsy is a STEAL at $22. I love that leather buckle and the fringe.

I love the color and the flare on this skirt. Would be so cute with a chunky white pullover sweater.

This plaid VELVET  skirt is in my shop right now. 

This skirt in my shop is paired with a fuzzy mohair sweater top. My other obsession I'll tell you about soon.

A plaid Ralph Lauren blazer in my shop. 

AND last but not LEAST one more plaid piece to obsess over....

This plaid mid century style chair at Anthropologie. Sigh. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking My Comfort Zone - Photo Shoot Away from the White Wall

 Belle (my lovely model) and I have been talking about doing a photo shoot at a beach that recently had a wild fire. I had been putting it off because I wasn't sure if I could do it with my amateur skills.  We do photo shoots all of the time in front of my white fence at my house and I have it down to a science and we can crank out Etsy photos.  We've done it so much we're like a maching and I don't even have to tell her how to pose or when to turn. It's easy and very time efficient, which is very important for my shop. You wouldn't believe how much time goes into each listing! First I have to buy my inventory, then wash and repair it,  then photograph it, edit photos, take measurements, write a description, list it, tag it,  and then promote it....  Mass production stores like Free People or Anthropologie have it made because they do the work once and then can thousands of the item. I have one of each item!

Here is graphic for an "Sponsor Spotlight" I have coming up on an awesome blog: Message on a Napkin. This is a good example of my white fence (sometimes garage door depending on the lighting). Be sure to check the blog out, she'll be hosting a giveaway for a $30 credit for Anthropolotique! 

Anyhow back to our photo shoot.  Belle wanted some photos for tumblr and wanted to try some new poses and I wanted to style some vintage items for a Anthropolotique Lookbook.  As I said before, I'm  not a  photographer. In fact I'm below average and I told Belle I wasn't sure how the photos would turn out away from my comfort zone of the white fence. Whenever I have problems I have to call my husband and he tells me to adjust something and I'm like "What the heck is an aperture????"

Well this week we found the time and did the photo shoot!  It was fun, but I was right and it was wayyyyyy more work than the white fence.  I had to pack all of the clothes, styling items, clips, props... Then poor Belle and her friend who came with us had to change in the back of my hot cramped Honda Element.  The lighting wasn't great in the beginning and it took us a while to figure out how to pose with rocks and trees, but in the end it was worth it and we learned lots. Time ran out and we didn't get as many outfits as we had hoped, but we plan on going again soon. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my first Anthropolotique Lookbook before fall.

Advance apologies for the weird layout, I can't figure out this blogging stuff! 

Here is Belle modeling a jacket from my shop.

Typical Belle being a goof.  

Meet Chloe. She is totally photogenic and was so fun to photograph.
She's modeling a dress and vest from my shop.

Belle wanted to do this shot. Here is where my
photography skills failed and she has glowing

More of the lovely Chloe's great smile!                     

Chloe looking a little tougher in a army jacket
that will be in my shop this fall.

They were being way to serious...
So I did something dumb to get them to crack
a smile:-)

But she does serious so well that sometimes we
have to let her do a pouty face. 

Rocking a velvet vest.

There was ash everywhere and right before we
called it a day the girls decided to decorate
each other.

Last photo of the day! Thanks gals! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fall Preview!

It's still the beginning of July and although I'm still listing lots of summer items at Anthropolotique Vintage, I'm getting really excited to start photographing some Fall looks I'm working on. A couple of months ago I began buying pieces for a couple of looks that I'm "feeling" for this Fall. 

A couple of key styles I'm working on is "Glam Grunge",  "Classic Layers" and as for pieces I'm buying lots and lots of velvet, chunky knit sweaters and anoraks. 

This first look I called "Glam Grunge" is a dressy take on the grunge look that is super popular right now. This look and the one below are from Fall Winter 2013 BCBG Max Azria

I love all the layers and the mixed textures.

More Glam Grunge. These looks are from Free People

These velvet looks are from Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2013.  I love the luxury of the velvet and the juxtaposition of it layered with leather and wool. 

More textured layers but these are more classic and retro American. This look is from Free People.

I'm also still really into florals and midi skirts. Hoping to get my hands on some to pair with chunky knits. Fingers crossed! Photo from

Well make sure you visit my shop late August and see what I've been working on. I'm also going to try and shoot a small Lookbook for Fall. Busy, busy! 

Friday, May 31, 2013

90's "Hey, I used to wear that!"

When I was in high school in the 90's there was a huge 70's style trend.  I remember my mom saying "Really? I wore stuff just like that!" and I remember saying "Well why didn't you save it for me????"

Now here in 2013 all of the sudden these "kids" are wearing 90's clothes... and I find myself saying "Really? I wore stuff just like that!"   I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'm sure she'd be asking why I didn't save it for her.

Lots of people out there are looking for 90's "vintage".  Some of the popular searches that brought people to my shop this spring were "Sunflower"  "Grunge boots" and "Overalls".     I refuse to act old and be in disbelief that people are wearing this stuff again so, instead, I'm going to embrace it.

Remember Blossom? This is soooo 90's, especially the sunflower, but the key to wearing vintage is to embrace it and give it a modern spin.  Don't wear too much 90's. Wear a little and give it a modern spin.

Like this cute vintage tee dress from the 90's on ETSY.  Sunflowers with updated styling, cute!

This sunflower sweater shirt was in my shop,  Anthropolotique and it sold very quickly. I still get messages about it. 

Cute 90's dress in my shop right now. So wish it fit me! 

Yes, overalls were huge in the 90's. Yes, Justin Timberlake wore them. Yes, my sister was obsessed with N'Sync.

As I was typing this blog post my last pair of overalls in my shop sold to Australia. This is the second pair in the past week that I've sold to Australia. Maybe there is a global shortage of overalls going on? Start hoarding!  No worries, I have three pairs coming to my shop this week.  

90's Babydoll dress . Add a flannel and combat boots and you are grunge to go. 

Next post is going to be on 90's shoes... get ready:-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Dress Inspiration

Nothing says summer to me like summer dresses. Carefree, lightweight, easy, airy.... What makes a summer dress even better is when you can throw it in your bag for a quick beach getaway. Summer should be a time for fun and relaxation and your clothes should show it! 

I started following this fabulous lady Shirley in Europe who's effortless vintage style I find very inspiring.  She just recently went on a trip to Greece and posted her summer vintage outfits on Instagram.  Breathtakingly beautiful and chic.  Once you fall in love with her vintage taste, you should head over to her Etsy store singlegreenfemale and see what treasures she is passing on! And before I start I should apologize for the screenshot photos. Instagram doesn't make it easy to share photos (which is probably a good thing), but don't worry I have her blessing to share! 

When she first found this dress I tried to convince her to sell it to me :-)  However I'm glad she kept it because she looks amazing in it! Maybe one day she'll pass it on and you'll have to fight me for it.

This is a dress she "upcycled" by shortening the hem and removing the puffy sleeves. So cute and effortless! 

Well this isn't a summer dress, but it is a vintage look and it's amazing so I had to share.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram or her BLOG. Very inspiring!

Now that you're feeling inspired to get some of your own summer dresses here's a couple that I'm loving right now

This nepolitan shimmer dress  from Anthropologie is very easy and summery looking. 

And here's a 70's maxi dress on Etsy for $45.

 This Rachel Comey Dress is gorgeous! I'm not quite daring enough for cut-outs...

But maybe if the cut-outs were in the back like this yellow dress on Etsy I might go for it :-) $44

At the moment I'm really into button up dresses like this one from Anthro. Just something about the buttons make it's seem so effortless.

Here's a button up facconable dress that's in my shop right now. 

I'll leave you with this amazing Midi Dress  that's in Shirley's shop for an absolute steal at $26.

Good night and happy summer dress shopping!